About ThemeXpert

Malang Solutions Private Limited holds category "C" ISP license from department of telecommunication to provide Internet Services in Manipur with a brand name Malang Internet start Broadband service in Manipur. Malang Internet is an innovative and disruptive technology concept of connectivity in Manipur. A brand gaining popularity due to its reliable and high speed Internet service across Manipur delicately working to deliver joy, advantage and success for people through, and by, continuous pursuit of excellence in internet services.

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What We Do

Live Streaming, Webcasting

Stream your events LIVE as they happen to any device, anywhere, anytime. Streaming on Social Media platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. The only live streaming provider in Manipur

Broadband & Dedicated Internet

We provide High speed internet for Home and Business.


We provide a range of solutions for connecting remote offices to a central location, site to site connectivity through optical fiber or wireless.

System Integration

We are specialist Outsource Service Provider that designs, implements, services and manages customised ICT services and solutions. We provide a full range of IT infrastructural.